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I build bots with experimental locomotion, sensing and controls for home terra and the moon.


Grad student, the Space Qual FPGA Guy, the ckt go-to guy

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Engineer, C, asm., Verilog

Programming Languages

See above ^


University of Pittsburgh, The Robotics Institute




bots, hardware, controls




a few

  • Or from your roommate or wife, with a request of "Please do use this,.. next time".

  • … you have a wider variety of tapes and adhesives than Home Depot.

    ... you know you’re the one person who’s prepared for a zombie apocalypse. You like a challenge.

    … you love the smell of 3-in-1 and aluminum oxide in the morning.

    … your Mother always says “how did you get that through security?”

    … you know to always leave a note in your luggage, for security, identifying “strange” looking items.

    … a friend gives you that funny look, because you’ve been absentmindedly fixing things as you walked through they’re home: loose lamp shades, crooked picture frames, loose door knobs,...

    … you just can’t decide which physics principles to challenge/employ in your next weekend project.

    … during the development of one project, you realize 10 more great project ideas.

    … you keep a few containers of your own extra parts collection at work in case “they” need anything.

    … you leave the lab thinking, “it’s 11pm, I should eat breakfast” and “where did this foot of snow come from?”

    … the ruby in the first ring you gave your wife is from a laser optics mount you found in the physics department dumpster, and she loves that fact.

    … you know that a gift you make yourself is the only kind truly from the heart.

    … you are serious about your silly putty.

    ... you come to think of Sparkfun, not as a supplier but, as a social network.

    -- Yes, on the soldering as a stress reliever. 10K ohmmm…

    -- You often receive gifts of broken electronics, because "they thought of you."

  • Thank you, Sparkfun, for your obvious concern for my respiratory health. Cutting protoboards with a dremel can make quite a mess.

  • An engineer is the closest thing to a magician. Engineers should know when to duck.

  • Those who hope that robots will soon rise and kill us all are saddened by the reality of state of the art.

  • :)

  • As of today I am fresh out of Geek stickers :\

  • When was the last time you conceptualized, designed, built and tested/played with a bot, or circuit, all in under a minute? For those who like to see their ideas rapidly come to fruition, and for those who don't yet know how to program, wire-up or machine, this is going to be a lot of fun. You might think of this "Ultimate" kit as the largest starter kit, since there are many more advanced features in the works. Until then, sure, Mindstorms and a plethora of Arduino solutions are available for more advanced learning.

  • Actually I've always thought it was a bit fishy that your DMM mimicked the fluke color scheme. But destroying them? You would think they could just return them or let someone paint them.

  • Stock This...