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  • That would be best but sparkfun tech support has no obligation if the product is working as it suppose to be. And i’m not sure that’s the case but they could easily blame the Energia library since it is an open source library. I bought this product from some other website in my country which actually has all the links here to provide a tech support. I think i’m just stucked in the commentary :)

  • And another thing. I saw that those registers are used to actually configurate gyro but breakout should have a default config. So even if i do not configure and remove the configuration part, i should have gotten some results. I’m checking the SDA bus on osciloscope, i can see that first 7 clocks are 0x69, 8th is 0 which correspond to Read operation. What i’m wondering is the 9th clock. I see a HIGH on SDA which can only mean that gyro does not pull it down and does not ACK. Or it cannot. Which indicates that master does not release the SDA bus. //Send the register address to be read. Wire.beginTransmission(address); //Send the Register Address Wire.write(registerAddress); //End the communication sequence. Wire.endTransmission(); //Ask the I2C device for data //Wire.beginTransmission(address); Wire.requestFrom(address, 1);

      //Wait for a response from the I2C device
        //Save the data sent from the I2C device
        data =;

    Can anyone tell me which part in here release the SDA bus and wait for an ACK? My circuit is 2 10K pull ups on SDA and SCL and VIO between 2 10K to make it 1.5~V

  • One last thing. I’m using Energia to work on MSP430 since i have that launchpad at the moment. It uses the arduino library on Msp430 launchpads. I understand what code does but since the registers are different on Arduino and i see that itgWrite uses the registers to keep the data, i need to make some changes. Is there any documentation about these registers: char DLPF_CFG_0 = 1

  • You should add a proper delay under the loop

  • Can someone correct me please? In the code implementation, there are some function calls from wire class send and receive. I’m guessing these are for reading and writing a byte from SDA bus. So does they corresponding to the Wire.write and functions?

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