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  • i can fully confirm that. i also had quite some noise, especially on the accel. i added 3x 10uf 0805 ceramic caps parallel to the existing ones. improves every sensors reading.

  • i also first wondered what it means... it's the distance between the the two rows of pins.

  • that mpu6000 looks wicked! :) please with spi (easier to level-shift to 5v and faster) (or both spi and i2c) and integrated 3.3v regulator (easy to bypass for ppl who dont need it), maybe even with extra pads (on unused back of pcb for extra smallness) for adding more caps/inductor for cleaner power.

  • SF also adds (probably better) support and (for US customers) local warranty, the same with shipping...

  • this thing needs very clean power to deliver good results. and if you design your pcb for this breakout-board, connect the drdy pin to the cpu (and give it it's own regulator with good caps). polling the status-byte for new data already messes up heavily with the result, around 4 times the usual variance (var^2 to be exact).
    computing the variance is a very good and easy way to see results of power filtering.

  • i couldn't find this part in the sfe eagle library... what's its name there?

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