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  • I need to send pulses of tones from the right head phone to the left head phone. Is there a way to do that with this board?.

  • I'm reading a 5V voltage out of the enable pins on BUS. Since these are logic inputs I'm concerned about this and whether the board is functioning properly. Does any one know about this issue?

  • Has anyone tried using this with a mosfet to switch power to the board on and off from an input pin on an arduino. when connected no matter what voltage I read is input into the board, the motor only runs once I've disconnected power to the system and the capacitors discharge. The 5V led indicator never turns off either. Any suggestions on how to fix this or get the same effect with a different design?.

  • 12V from a computer Power Supply

  • The problem was, in my case, that I needed to switch the yellow and green leads. but It still doesn't have enough to go up against gravity.

  • Does anyone know, roughly, to what angle the current control should be set to to create 400mA. I have it about half way. I have a multimeter to measure so that I can adjust till its right but I don't know which wire to connect the positive end to. Either answer would be helpful.

  • I have these motors running perfectly when held horizontally but they won't rotate and move up when held vertically. Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Does anyone know what would be a good driver for this motor or how to build the circuit from scratch. I used the EasyDriver and it didn't allow me to reverse the motor for some reason.

  • Just checking if any one has found a place to get these rods in greater lengths, say a foot? Otherwise does anyone have suggestions on how to move one of these motors to very specific locations along a X and Y axis?

  • I'm having the same problem were you able to fix it?