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  • Hi Mike,

    This is excellent. Will def protect the circuitry with a 3D printed enclosure and layers of fabric.

    I think I will try both options you suggested. The lilypad-El Escudo was my setup for the raw prototype. The project should evolve to include a GPS and a couple of sensors to trigger the EL panels.

    I had not thought about using a 5V Pro but instead replacing the lily for a 5V Pro Mini when the prototype is fully working but I will be getting a 5V Pro as it will be indeed less hassle down the road and footprint is great. I am also considering building my own 4 port El-Escudo PCB so I can reduce the footprint and weight (any ideas if there is a 11.1v-happy commercial version I can use?). The ultimate goal is to stick to just one 11.1v battery setup for the whole project one that I can I can recharge via USB.

    Will keep you posted on the progress.

  • Update: Using the lilypad as this is a wearable project. Thanks.

  • Hi Mike. Thanks for this tutorial.

    Fairly new to this..

    I have a particular scenario that's slightly different and I'm not sure how to proceed. Hope you can help.

    I am working on a project that includes a Lilypad Simple (5v max), El Escudos Dos (12v fine) and a the EL 12v inverter to drive 3 EL panels 10x10cm (12v should be ok as only 2 would be on for a max of 8 seconds).

    I have with me a couple of lipoly batteries a 3.7v and a 11.1v. What do you recommend on this setup? Ideally I would like to run all on the 11.1v lipoly but that would be the end of the Lilypad. Can I use the 3.7v to power the lilypad and the 11.1v directly to the inverter? Would this two battery setup still pass-through 12v to the inverter?

    Thanks Juan

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