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  • I tried Teensy 3.1, and found that it didn't reset reliably when it was powered straight from 3.3V (rather than from USB). Adding a capacitor on the reset pin helped but it still wasn't 100%, and then I accidentally ripped the 'R' pad off the PCB and gave up on the board as a result. Has anyone else experienced unreliable resetting with these things? Any advice on how to improve it?

  • I can't understand how some people think the huge variety of development boards that are available, is anything but a good thing. For me, as well as the hardware capabilities, the most important things are the manufacturer's documentation, and the community that gathers around the boards. It'll be interesting to see how the Edison fares with both of those. I think getting SparkFun on board is a great way to get the community up and running! It seems to me that open documentation, especially around the graphics and video capabilities of their chips, will be Intel's best way to combat ARM's domination in this end of the market. ARM themselves, as well as Qualcomm, Samsung, nVidia, AllWinner, Rockchip, Imagination Technology etc are stuck in the "no open-source, binary blobs only" world; only Freescale seems to be committed to openness and their chips aren't terribly popular. Ooops, I'm waffling... in short, I look forward to seeing the quality of the documentation around this board before I commit to it.

  • "A good day to Pi" - is that a Flatliners reference? If so, You Are Old. And so am I, unfortunately...

  • That weather shield is nice and all, but I want to interface to one of these - - as it has greater measuring capabilities. Snow, fog, and earthquakes: how cool is that? Only thing is I can't get any data on those stones. What I/O voltage? Clock speed? Communication protocol? Can anyone help me out?

  • Could we have some data on this please? Supported resolutions would be good, also refresh rates. I'm also very interested in #47110's / techiebot's comments below, seems to be a bit of a concern.

  • Hooray for the TXB0104! Those are awesome chips, I've been wanting SF to get something like this for ages. I've had to use the Adafruit TXB0108 breakout instead, but I never use 8 channels. And the '0104 breakout is half the price of the '0108 breakout, so I can choose just the one that fits my needs. Nice one :)

  • Do you have young children, by any chance?

  • Ahh, you've made my day! I've found these to be stupidly hard to find, even though micro USB is pretty much The One Standard these days.

  • Why do people feel the need to complain about SparkFun's prices? SparkFun does what they do, and they charge what they charge, and you as a customer get to decide whether to buy or not. You can go and buy the "$40-$80" one. I'll buy from SparkFun because I know I'll get excellent service and support (which don't come for free) and I'll be part of a rocking community. Win!

  • Coincidentally, a couple of days ago I blew up a power supply by clipping the leads to each other... I must have put something on top of a clip, which drove the clip's teeth through the insulation and onto the wires inside. Definitely my own fault, but it's something to look out for!

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