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  • I will probably roll the dice as is, then worst case senerio if they do fail change my circuit and use an inverter to change the DC power source into a AC curcuit. I will check all switches prior to show time, to make sure all are wired, and working correctly. I will only have to press and hold the button down for a split secound, so I guess I will cross my fingers, I might but just a few and try them over and over before I buy enough to build the entire board.

  • Well I am only using this maybe one big show a year and only "switching" the buttons twice during that show, so for the 1.95 do you think it would worth the risk? The DC switches I have found only come in common black whereas I would love to have my channels color coded. Even if I could get 2-3 years out of the switches I would be willing to replace as needed. Again how significant do you think the loss of life of the switch would be?

    Man I wish these came with a spec sheet!

  • Yeah I think this will be more than capable, I am using a DC circuit wired for 6-12V @ 1.5 - 2 Amps. Thoughts?

  • I am trying to fine button switches for a firing box for my firework displays. I think I only need a 2 post switch. Do you have to use all three contacts on the back of this switch? I plan on tying all the commons together and then have individual hot(s) going to certain lines going out to the fireworks. With that being said, would I be able to use a button like this for that project?

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