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  • I recently bought several of these, and they work really well. I don't use my Arduino Uno any more because this is less expensive, and is smaller. The only thing I didn't like is that it needs an FTDI board/cable.

  • I am going to use these for a guitar amplifier I am building.

  • I recently bought several pro minis from Amazon, and they worked well. However, the third one I received was not an Arduino, but a cheap copy. From now on I am going to buy these from Sparkfun. I don't understand why people usually use an Arduino Uno instead of a Nano or Mini. they are less expensive and are smaller.

  • I use these for any Arduino project that I am making that does not require more than 6 I/O pins.

    PROS: can be used with a breadboard can be programmed with the Arduino software only $2.84! (compared to the $30 Arduino Uno)

    CONS: only 6 I/O pins difficult to remove once it has been used in a circuit board...

  • After trying to make an Arduino ISP programmer for an attiny and melting a breadboard (and possibly almost damaging my computer) I decided to buy one of these. I bought it several months ago and it still works great. I kept getting error messages from the Arduino program at first, but I got it to work after following the instructions at

  • It is an Arduino shield, it should attach to your board.

  • That is basically what the sparkfun dumpster dive is.

  • I think it is a class 2 laser.

  • I tried that and nothing happened.

  • I clicked on the ghost... and nothing happened.

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