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  • Many apologies. I was not trying to troll. I'm not sure how Tesla factors into why Edison chose such brute-force approaches to problem solving. (Yes, I know about The Oatmeal. He didn't really change the way I thought of Edison since I first learned about him in third grade.) I will avoid future comments regarding large companies making such naming faux pas.

  • I feel it needs to be pointed out that Intel's PR folks called one of their products "The Edison." I'm assuming it's a reference to the turn-of-the (previous) century American permutation expert, Thomas Edison. I had assumed Intel was staffed by people who know how to name a product based on symbols that inspire thoughts of innovation and ingenuity. If they want to be associated with electrocuting cats and trial-and-error-style "engineering," I suppose they nailed it.

  • The photo with measurements shows roughly 1cm from the edge of the connector to the edge of the board. With an SD card, my RPi has about 7 to 8mm of room between connector and card. It seems like you'd have to get handy with a Dremel-like tool to cut away some of the board on one side. It would be neat to have a slimmer breakout without the screw holes. It would be a great little board to build a power/reset switch on top of for the Raspberry Pi.