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  • Hey SparkFun:
    I’m an experienced EE, and I really love you guys.. I have ordered the Arduino Proto Board from you in the past, but recently thought a mistake had been made when I ordered two more proto boards and they were missing the necessary male header pins for properly mating into the arduino:
    The single, inline ones that you all now provide and recommend people solder in, and then also use to mate to the arduino is a re-design flaw. That gauge pin was designed for soldering into a via, and NOT for insertion and removal into headers and solder-less bread boards. As others on your proto shield feedback have indicated.. using these headers like this results in bent pins and substandard connections.
    The thing that troubles me is that this is not a new-design flaw. It HAD the correct header pins included in the past.. and you recently decided to remove them (which leaves one wondering if it was not done for cost reasons.. not that these headers cost more than a few cents).
    I hope you all will fix this design flaw…

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