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  • The free version of EagleCAD has a limited PCB size, but this can be circumvented ( to some degree ) by creating your own component footprints from geometric forms rather than using library components… that defeats a LOT of the desirable functions in EagleCAD because the footprints have no “identity” and must be copied manually from an original ( hand-carved ) footprint with group/cut/paste operations… but it will allow oversized PCBs to be saved… I’ve created PCBs as large as 12 x 12 inches using this ( crude ) “trick” with the free EagleCAD version. I’ve also used EagleCAD to create PCB panels that can be soldered together to make custom enclosures / boxes of exactly the right size and shape for my purpose, ( they look very slick ) with precise holes and cutouts for controls, indicators and connectors, and silkscreen legends for the panel controls. A bit pricey, but looks very professional when finished.

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