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  • Product COM-11323 | about 11 months ago

    The parts, triac that you mention, does sparkfun sell it? I try to find, but cant find it.

  • Product COM-11323 | about 11 months ago

    Hi, I’m using a normal Xbee(300 ft range) for my EL SEQ and Xbee Explorer, if i want to control in further range, can i replace Xbee Pro (1 mile) at Xbee Explorer ONLY? while still using normal Xbee in all my EL SEQ.


  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    yes, it’s working^^ Thanks a lot.

    Some of my EL SEQ’s channels are not working, what happen to it? 1. I’ve tried to change another EL WIRE, it’s not working, sketch is alright with another EL SEQ too. when i test it, there’s voltage, 150V, It just doesn’t light up when connect to EL WIRE.

    2, Is it spoiled by “short circuit” accidentally? If yes, what should i replace?

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    Hi, everything is going smoothly, thanks for your advises so far. I go my EL SEQ with your sample code(with xbee) working.

    I try to modify the code to suit my sketch, but i failed.

    what should i add i front of sketch if i want it to be like this

    i want my sketch to start running after i type “start” in terminal

    ??????(what code should i write here)??????

    define C 4

    define D 5

    define E 6

    define G 7

    void setup(){

    pinMode(C, OUTPUT); pinMode(D, OUTPUT); pinMode(E, OUTPUT); pinMode(G, OUTPUT); } void loop(){ digitalWrite(C, HIGH); digitalWrite(D, LOW); delay(662);

    digitalWrite(C, LOW); digitalWrite(D, HIGH); delay(666); }

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    Hi, I face another problem now. The X-CTU program can’t detect my Xbee, ask me to press “Reset”, but there’s no “Reset” in the Xbee Explorer.

    What’s should i do?

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    oh, your information is really helpful, i’m one step forward to my project^^ thanks a lot mate.

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    Oh…no wonder. Can I upload sketch using xbee wirelessly? Or is there any modification that I can do to plug in xbee without solder it?

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    Thanks mate

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    Hi, do i need to press “reset” before i upload new sketch? Seems like cant upload another NEW sketch after the 1st one.

  • Product COM-11323 | last year

    ok, thanks a lot. I’ll read on that tutorial that u show me.

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