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  • I love the big ideas proposed by the Rocky Mountain Institute. I can see a natural tie between you both in Colorado. Some of the ideas they have about making cars more efficient by making them lightweight with advanced materials and new control systems should be something to consider. A series of 3D printed files to modify cars so they get close to some of the performance specs RMI talks about would be huge. AND, it would allow others to copy your lead and bring about energy reform in the automobile industry from a grass roots effort.

    Saving the planet with your 3D printer...that's a big idea that you could start tackling in little pieces!

  • This is cool idea with wide applicability! Even though it would be a hugely important tool for multiple applications I wonder if it has the Wow factor you are looking for?

  • Using this chip breakout board on the Arduino Uno with the example provided I was getting an error at 180 degrees when raw X is less than zero and raw Y is equal to zero. Adding the following "if" statement to the //convert to heading section fixes things.

    if (x < 0 && y==0) {
    Z = 180;

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