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  • Product LCD-00709 | about a year ago

    No matter what line I set the cursor at using lcd.setCursor(0,0), or lcd.setCursor(0,1), it will print everything on line 0. I’ve used the same LCD, different size before and never had this issue.

    Any Ideas?

  • Product WRL-11601 | about a year ago

    What regulated 3.3v breadboard compatible breakout board can I use this with?

    “Pin compatible with widely used 2 x 10 2-mm socket typically used for 802.15.4 applications”

    Would a xbee breakout board work properly?

  • Product SEN-11207 | about a year ago

    BUYER BEWARE, The description says “The sensor itself is thin and flexible, but the resistance does not change while being flexed. ” However, when flexed the resistance changes by a very large amount.

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