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  • hi I'm doing a weather station with mega freeduino. I turned off the internal pullup freeduino and enter them in the following as hardware sensors that make up the project: 1. RTC clock that keeps the time in UTC, it works with 5V. 2. BMP085 barometric pressure, operates at 3.3V. 3. DHT22 for the temperature and relative humidity. to work best on the I2C RTC and the BMP085 I applied a cenvertitore logic level of SparkFun, so I used the 2 lines TX for SCL and SDA. I put the resistors on the lines of the SparkFun TX? because I have the RTC is slowed or flag as TIME string 165,165,165 and so on. alone works fine. how can I fix this error likely I think that depends on the converter? where should I put any further resistance?.

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