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  • If Trex had been a flower-eater it may have survived extinction.

  • Hi, can someone help me interpret simply what the @4.5VDC, 70mA means? There is another motor but is has @4.5VDC, 320mA. I am guessing the 4.5VDC is the operating voltage for the motor and is the amps the amount of currents it will need to get to the no load speed?

    so the 70mA essentially is a better motor than the 320mA one since it require less current but get you more speed also?

    and I am a newbie. I am following the inventor guide and it has circuit#12 describe as using a transistor as a switch and that has collector current of 1A so it should not be a problem I think. But if I am using a transistor that only has max collector current of 200mA should this still drive the 320mA motor?

    Can someone help me understand this?

  • That is not correct. The data sheet that I compared between the two shows the same pin out. You can google the datasheet and compare. May be I am missing what the previous guy here was saying but I don't see any difference in the pin out. The collector current in 2222 is more than 3904 so that part is correct. At least on the Fairchild semiconductor datasheet the 2222 collector current is 1A and the 3904 is only 200mA. I did try to follow the inventor kit guide so you have to just make sure that if you are using 3904, you only get 200mA out from it not more. If you use the 2222, I am guessing you probably can get more.

    http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/PN/PN2222A.pdf http://www.fairchildsemi.com/ds/2N/2N3904.pdf

  • Hi I am a noobie with Arduino.

    Most of the examples in this book uses the Arduino Uno board. Can an Aurduino Due be used instead? Is all that I need to convert is the 3.3 to/from 5 V level logic using a logic level converter? I have noticed that some of the components are chosen so they worked with the 5V system that fit the Uno. It seems that I have to change some components to accomodate the 3.3V or will a logic level converter good enough to for me to follow examples on this book?