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  • +1 to the last comment from 3 years ago! .. Could someone tell us what parts make up the last pic? The one with the 2 motors. Specifically, what’s the component between the upper channel and the this “Channel Bracket A”.

  • I hate redshirt Wednesdays!

  • Say Hello to My Little Friend ……. {…… Not guns, but Thuvan Throat signing follows …….}

  • If I have the extra money, should I get the Hakko FX888D .. or should I just get this? I’m wondering if the Hakko is worth the extra $55.

    A similar question has been asked a couple of times below, but seemingly went without an answer.

  • “Captain’s Log: Stardate 314.12 - Scottie hired a few Engineering interns while I was away at shore leave on the Delta-Vega System. I was asked to break leave and return to the Enterprise, at once, to attend to an urgent matter. I returned to the ship to find an abomination that only the heavens can describe ..”


    “Are you telling me that a transporter malfunction turned Spock into this-blue-rug!?!?! .. INTEERRRRNNNN!!!” {read-KHAAANNN!}

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