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  • I started a thread over in the forum (see forum) asking when the Arduino IDE support might be appearing (was tentatively 1/1/2017 - github).

    What's the current ETA for Arduino IDE support?

    If not full Arduino IDE support, how about source code + build instructions for the example it currently ships with?



  • Can two or more of these boards be stacked for independently driving more than two motors?

  • From various app notes, the failure mode is usually increased ESR/decreased capacitance, and there's also a temperature dependent factor. You could probably get away with simply putting 2.5V or lower zener diodes across the leads to clamp the voltage within tolerances.

    App notes with all the gory details for the Cooper Supercaps can be found here: http://www.cooperindustries.com/content/public/en/bussmann/electronics/resources/library/apps_notes_technicalinfo.html

  • Unfortunately, simply series-connecting the supercaps to achieve the higher voltage rating isn't enough to protect them long-term. You need some sort of charge balancing circuitry in there, at the very least a high-impedance resistor connected across the terminals of each super cap.

    Useful Instructable reference: http://www.instructables.com/id/Lets-learn-about-Super-Capacitors-A-Practical-G/step7/Balancing-Your-Series-Banks/

  • Looking at the schematic, you should also mention the on-board MCP73831 for USB-charging the Li-Po battery. Very handy feature, not having to charge off-board.

  • Excellent timing! I was thinking of buying an off-shelf camera to bring along to OHS and MF:NYC next month; buying this one instead.

    Aside: Mechanical drawings for designing your own enclosures (e.g. 3D printable) can be found at their site - http://www.hackhd.com/

  • What's the maximum recommended material thickness this can bolt into?

  • How much paint is in each pot?

  • From the battery-in-case picture, glad to see it looks like you received a batch with the battery connector oriented the correct way - red wire closest to the outer edge.
    I got one of the earlier Quads (direct from Seeed Studio) with the connector mounted the wrong way around and it did Unpleasant Things to my USB port when I attempted to charge it.
    Here's what it should not look like: http://www.flickr.com/photos/aplumb/5662705363/

  • Hindsight being what it is, if the DIP header had two more rows with power connections symmetric about the center (without keypin 20), off-shelf 40-pin ATA/EIDE cables (round ones even!) and connectors could have been used to hook things up.

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