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  • FYI, pinMode() is only needed for digital pins.

  • The NeoPixel Uberguide recommends a 300-500 Ohm resistor between the Arduino data out pin and the NeoPixel data in pin. Also, a 1000 µF cap across the battery + and - is recommended. If you apply the battery power to the Arduino, then you can use its 5V regulated output pin, which can theoretically provide up to 1 amp. That would mean you could connect 16 NeoPixels at full power, or 32 at half power, etc.

  • In comparing the 3.5. and 3.6 write-ups, please confirm that the 3.5 IO pins are 5 volt tolerant; and the 3.6 IO pins are 3.3 volt tolerant. I just want to make sure there wasn’t a typo. :)

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