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  • Is anyone having trouble getting serial comms back from the Arduino into the Edison, on the standard UART1?

    I can send to the Arduino fine, but don't get anything back. Only exception is when I plug an FTDI adaptor into the Arduino while monitoring on the Edison, I immediately get one 0x00 (NUL), but that's it.

    I'm running a Node.JS program on the latest Yocto-based image, and using MRAA to set up the UART. But even reading direct to the shell doesn't seem to receive anything.

    I get the feeling I'm missing something obvious...

  • Have you considered offering this board-only, with a JST header and/or just the solder pads to add your own battery? I'm looking at getting a bunch of these and using them with 2000mAh cells, seems a waste to get the 400mAh cells too (not to mention shipping limitations involved with the batteries).

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