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  • Another effect you can see is pileup, you have to turn of the high voltage, turn it on again, to get the tube to start counting events again.

    That sounds exactly like the issue I'm having with my unit. I can't run http://sven.killig.de/radiation for this very reason. Since SparkFun has declined my request to get my money back: Is there a proven workaround that I could employ? Perhaps even one that doesn't involve SMD soldering?

  • After some hours, the CPM of my unit decreases slowly to 0. It stays there even after powercycling the high voltage supply. Only when leaving the HV switched off for a prolonged period, the CPM returns to the normal ~20. But it already happened that the USB bus was not usable anymore after doing this.
    What could cause this erratic behaviour?

  • Here's mine.

  • Yes, I did. Binaries and scripts available here.

  • Would you mind telling us the manufacturer and part no of the female header?

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