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  • Lasers are neat, but I'm still amazed that we can measure these picosecond flight times with enough accuracy to get millimeter resolution.

  • You didn't discuss the elephant in the room: what's that calculator in front of your keyboard? And why do you prefer that over having a calculator (or Python or something) running on your computer?

  • Wow, that's some terrible advice you're giving here! The first image clearly shows how you turn the sun like a knob to adjust its power output. You guys should really know that you can't just power every device with the same amount of energy.

    And that image with the solar panels and wind turbines clearly shows how you set up a wind tunnel to focus the wind onto the turbines. The solar panels also heat the air, which makes the turbines work better.

    I could go on, but I really think you should do your own research.

  • Could this be turned upside down and used as a rain sensor? Or would daylight confuse it?

  • Got it, thanks! I'm always curious what's different when there's a new revision of a product.

  • How is this different from BOB-09964?

  • Why use this over a solid-state relay? The latter is two bucks more expensive, but needs a lot less power to drive and switches the load on zero crossings. The only thing this one has going is that it has on NC and one NO contact, but how often do you switch between two loads?

  • I think you should consider stocking the Logic 8, not just the 4 and the Pro 8. The Logic 8 hits the sweet spot of being very powerful and still within reach for most hobbyists. The Pro is obviously better, but also costs twice as much, and it's not really the stuff most hobbyists need.

    I got the Logic 8 recently and love it. Amazing product.

  • Do you have a sense when you'll be getting the new 8MP camera?

  • Has anybody been successful in getting images downloaded from the scope? I've tried minicom on my Mac with a FTDI cable. The transfer starts, but it stops after a short time and the scope says that it was unsuccessful. I've tried with a level shifter and without, same thing with both. It looks like it's starting to transfer but then goes out of sync after a few bytes.

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