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  • Robert, neat story, cool adventure. I’m glancing at the data, (Day 1). Why are some timepoints (e.g. 4/3/2013, 11:48:30) replicated numerous times, but with different observation data? Also, It appears that it was planned to have a every 6 second sampling rate (?)…what is the mathematical connection between counts and cpm?

  • Thank you for taking the time to answer! I appreciate it. I will check out the links and see what I can do. I am sure it will be less time consuming than resetting the clock every morning!

  • I am hoping someone can help me and my son fix the brightness (kid has to unplug it to go to sleep). We are novice (!) solderers and arduino programmers (generous description). I think I can figure out in the firmware how to adjust the brightness, maybe. But could someone spell out the specific steps to reprogram? What software do I need to compile and what type of connector do I need? Do I need a special programmer? Please assume you are talking to a someone slightly more intelligent than a monkey. My son LOVES (!) his clock he soldered, I would love to fix it for him. Thanks!

  • (Best Arnold voice) What, SIK stands for Sparkfun Inventor’s Kit? Not Skynet Integration Kit?? I won’t be back.

  • Hi bri_huang, I have 6 tix to the Hacking the Simon Says kit. Unfortunately due to cancellations, I have 3 extra tix. Should I just bring them and give them to someone who shows without tickets? Thanks, CJ

  • Looking forward to the Cambridge Science Festival and the Sparkfun events. Already have my tickets!

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