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  • I too am having problems with reading UART data from this board to the edison. I can read and write from and to the edison to a terminal via UART. I can read and write from the Arduino via the FTDI, but I cannot read data from the Arduino via the stacked connector that I assume connects to 0 and 1 on the Arduino.

    My Arduino code is:

    void setup()
    { // Open serial communications and wait for port to open: Serial.begin(9600);


    void loop() // run over and over {

    if (Serial.available()) Serial.write(123); }

    My edison code is:

    import serial import time

    serialport = '/dev/ttyMFD1'

    print 'open ' + serialport ser = serial.Serial(serialport, 9600)

    print ser.portstr # check which port was really used counter = 0 while True: try: if ser.isOpen():
    print 'begin' data = ser.read() print 'reading: ' + str(data)

        except (KeyboardInterrupt, SystemExit):

    print "done"

    Console output:

    root@kextrel:~/pythoncode# python uartread.py open /dev/ttyMFD1 /dev/ttyMFD1 begin

    Any help appreciated

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