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  • Product COM-10191 | last year

    Or, have one long wire of EL that goes up the middle of your jacket, with fiber optics drawing some light from the sides, almost like a rib pattern? Or would Light Pipe be better… :/ Meh.

  • Product COM-11270 | last year

    There are many ways to make things waterproof. It depends on where the water is leaking. If it’s just in the seem on the cover, you could tighten it, and put maybe some hot glue on the seem, or maybe even petroleum jelly I believe?

  • Product COM-11270 | last year

    What about a piece over the output of the blower that is almost like a shower head or something, where it breaks up the airflow over a larger space. Less focused, but still gets the fumes.

  • Product PRT-00437 | last year

    I would assume 1, like almost every one of their other components.

  • Product COM-10191 | last year

    What could one do with a cross between EL and Fiber Optic wires?

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