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  • Anyone getting incredibly weak volume coming from the L and R outputs on this shield? It's so faint that when I hook it up to an 8ohm 0.5 watt speaker, I have to hold it against my ear to hear anything at all. The headphone jack seems to be working fine though. I've set the midi volume to 120 and the velocity to 90 so it's not that.

    Is this normal or is there a problem with my shield?

  • I'm pretty sure now that this breakout board is working fine, the problem is with the output from my Musical Instrument Shield.

  • Ok I changed the resistors and also increased the velocity of the noteOn command I was using and it has improved some but is still too weak for me. I'm looking for about five times the volume I'm getting now. In your opinion, would a DIY amp with an LM386 be significantly more powerful? That's what I'm looking at now.

    Thanks for all your help, I really appreciate it.

  • Oh and I should add that it sounds perfectly fine when I listen to it with headphones through the headphone jack instead, in case that affects anything.

  • Thanks for your help. Right now the sound is so faint that it can't be heard at all unless the speaker is pressed against your ear. Do you think changing the resistors will be enough to really make it loud or do I need a different, more powerful kind of amp? If you do think it would increase the volume that much, what resistors would you recommend?

  • It looks like I've hooked this up as instructed but the sound that comes out is extremely faint (I have to put the speaker up to my ear to hear it.) I attached the R Speaker output from my Musical Instrument Shield to the input + on the Amp and the - Speaker output from the shield to the input - on the Amp. I also attached an 8 Ohm 0.5 watt speaker to the Amp's + and - output and connected the 5v pin on the shield to the power + on the Amp and connected power - to ground.

    All of these connections are headers and jumper wires and I think they're all pretty secure and I've set the midi volume of the song I'm playing to almost as high as it goes. I haven't touched the volume pins on the Amp and I haven't soldered in new resistors or used the shutdown pin at all.

    Do you have any idea what's going wrong here?

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