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  • Depends on your needs. If you're adding this to a custom circuit, or using a breadboard, definitely use the chip. If you're adding to an existing circuit or want to combine generic components without building a new circuit board, the breakout is the way to go.

  • You should mention that this sensor is on-off, either it's in the liquid or it isn't -- it doesn't give a level value.

  • I'm confused, the description says "USB Micro-B", the features say "Micro USB A" - am I missing something?

  • Claims to have "full metal gears", but the first gear pair after the motor is plastic (which I stripped, when I ran it too long at 15V with a heavy load). It's otherwise quite nice.

  • I had this wish-listed, now it's retired! Can you tell me why you retired it, and what you recommend as a replacement (if anything)?

  • Question -- where do we get other tips? Couldn't find anything in SparkFun that seemed like it would do...

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