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  • News - AVC 2014: Bots, Copters, … | about a month ago

    Wonderful, thanks. Also, I plan on using a wifi link in place of a regular RC Tx/Rx system for my fixed wing entry. Is this acceptable? Range is not a factor, and it would only transmit a video telemetry feed and control packets: all flight controll processing would be onboard the aircraft.

    Have you decided on a specific balloon? If so, could you give us the link? Knowing the specifications of the balloons would be quite helpful.

  • News - AVC 2014: Bots, Copters, … | about a month ago

    Does the aircraft need to touch the balloon in order to collect points for bursting it? For example, if the balloon was popped with a laser, and the aircraft did not touch the balloon, would 25 points be collected for popping it or not?

  • Product DEV-12654 | about 4 months ago

    This could be a basic question, but I will ask it anyway. Exactly what is black developed film negative and how would I make it? Or did you mean developed black and white film? I would use a R-72 as mentioned below, but I imagine that connecting it to the pi cam could be difficult. Thanks.

  • Product DD-12012 | about 9 months ago

    Sparkfun, are you planing on producing another batch?

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