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  • You are right, my wrong. In you put 4 them in parallel you are going to need at least 3.5v@2.8A, in series 12V@700mA would be enough as you said. Sadly I don’t see a datasheet, may be he can put 3 of them in series and over-drive them a little bit (even reducing their lifetime if the he doesn’t care).

  • If the forward voltage must be between 3.4-3.6V you can put them safely 4 of them on series, they are going to glow a little bit less but them are not going to require additional wiring. Just be sure that the 12V voltage source can provide at least 2.8A.

  • I think that the best library for using it with the Teensy is the SmartMatrix. I’ve just tried and it works great. Take a look a it: http://docs.pixelmatix.com/SmartMatrix/

  • Hi Mike! Here is the link for the translation to Spanish, also I have created an open Google Doc if someone wants to improve the translation. Regards, Mario.

    Hola a todos, les dejo el vínculo de la traducción de esta muy interesante y motivadora entrada en español:


    Si piensan que la traducción se podría mejorar también les dejo el vínculo a un Google Doc abierto para que agreguen sus sugerencias:


  • Wow, this is a very good inspirational post. I could identify myself from the begining. Can I translate it to Spanish and share it on my blog? I think that many people here could like it :)

  • Programming on the Raspberry Pi is always really fun :)

    I’ve made something pretty simmilar at the beginning of this year. It’s written on python I called it “rpitwit”, it monitors your twitter account for a keyworkd and executes a command stored on a pre-defined directory.


    The funny thing is that it comes pre-configured, ready to use and you can use python or bash scripts. The funny thing is that I wrote it for work with the Raspberry Pi but later I realized that it works on any Linux distribution with Python and PiPy :) I hope that you find it useful.

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