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  • Good article and nice project. Will it be sold for those who want to buy it?

    In my opinion Japan is more interesting at the moment with the 4 Fukushima cores all boring into the ground spewing out radiation. The world seems to have forgotten about that, yet it is something which cannot be stopped. If an earthquake causes the spent fuel pool at reactor #4 to fall over, this will become a real big deal for the world and for the USA. The Lousiana Bayou Corne sinkhole collapse is another disaster which cannot be stopped either. Chernobyl is relatively safe after all these years and they managed to contain the cores. The 4 cores at Fukushima will still be going in 1000 years.

    I guess this post will not be popular eh?

  • Yes, there is the cubieboard.org which was crowd sourced and made it into production via community payments. It is a very impressive piece of kit and has quite a following. Essentially, this is the same machine, except the cubieboard has a SATA socket for hard disk drives. The A10 chip as everyone says is used a lot in this kind of computer and the cubieboard forum has a lot of useful information about booting and boot images etc. It is open source so the plans are there for all to see along with the schematics. I have a feeling it is around the same price but physically it is squarer. The only problem with the cubieboard is that it does not have the same pin headers as the arduino which this does have, but it has the same pin outs I think.

    People are already making breakout boards and pcbs for it even though it only started to ship properly in late February.

    Anyway, just another board which people may not have heard of and one which is similar to Rasberry Pi too but a higher spec processor etc.

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