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  • An old thread, but nevertheless. What galed said still stands in 2014.

    One problem for Sparkfun distributing an iOS compatible IOIO is that it could only sell it to companies involved in MFi program. I don’t think this is on the agenda.

  • Looks nice: 2x more flash, 4x more RAM and runs at 72MHz. Good news for motion processing…

  • Thanks! 3.1 sounds good. Whoa, just got a windows flashback ;)

  • I know i know - “We do not currently have an estimate of when this product will be back in stock.” But do you - by any chance - know IF this product will be back on stock. I know I can get it at PJRC store but i want to order some other products from SparkFun. And since I’m not from US splitting orders on two separate suppliers is a bit on the costly side. Teensies in EU are expensive - 25€. I need 6 of them.

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