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  • I discovered by slowing down the Serial1.begin from 115200 (a speed suggested by the XIG example) to 9600 that Serial1 is working fine for XBee communication =)

  • I have an XBee radio that, when plugged into an explorer, is fully functioning. However, when I plug that XBee into my FIO v3, Serial1.available() always evaluates to false. On the FIO v3 I've also soldered an accelerometer in on the GND, 3V3, A1, A2, A3 pins and am able to read those values just fine via analogRead(). Another oddity I noticed is that even when I don't do a Serial.begin() the Serial.println() commands I was using for debugging are still showing up in the IDE's Serial Monitor when the FIO is connected to my machine via USB. Any ideas welcome on where I could be going wrong!

  • Switching to Arduino IDE 1.0.4 did the trick with install path of /Users/myName/Documents/Arduino/hardware/Fiov3/boards.txt ... would be nice to have the add on working in the latest IDE but I'm good for now, thanks to Ragnorok/BJfreeman/TechIsCool in #arduino on freenode!

  • I'm installing the Fiov3 Addon to Arduino IDE 1.5.2. My sketchbook location is /Users/myName/Documents/Arduino. After I extract the zip, should the path be /Users/myName/Documents/Arduino/hardware/Fiov3/boards.txt or should it be /Users/myName/Documents/Arduino/hardware/boards.txt? I tried both but don't have Fio v3 appearing in the Tools->Boards menu. TIA!

  • FIO/battery/XBee solution looks perfect for my project where I am collecting sensor samples from multiple points on a mesh network. However, I see that Series 1 XBee don't support mesh networks except via the DigiMesh firmware. Does anyone know if the DigiMesh firmware still allows the FIO to be programed wirelessly? Alternately, can XBee Series 2 be used to program the FIO (as parallax suggests on this page despite other sources saying it's not possible)? Thanks much!

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