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Robert L

Member Since: March 27, 2013

Country: Canada

  • It'd be awesome to have an RC boat in the water, running some kind of path automatically. Put a hoola hoop on it or something to make it a bigger target. Then have the copters find it autonomously and drop the tennis ball in the target.

    Pickup something from the island.

    So many great possibilities.

  • Last year the requirements for telemetry seemed to be relaxed mid-way through the event. Many of us were openly running telemetry. Has this changed?

  • I don't want to be argumentative, but I just want to suggest how this could be easily done.

    If the take-off and landing zone is restricted to only the front half of the gravel lot, I think the spectator separation distance requirement would already be met. This should be easily doable, at least for the copters, as demonstrated last year landing in a 5 foot area is possible.

    Then, you just need to control the flight profile a bit. Rigidly require the copters to at least fly over the wicket area, but not necessarily under it. But forcing them to fly over in that direction, before landing, sets up a flight pattern where the copter is coming in to land in a parallel path to the spectator area. This way, if it's going to overshoot the landing, then it won't crash into the spectator area.

    The straight-out-and-back flight profile currently possible should simply not be allowed. Now you've greatly increased the safety of the flight, with very few changes.

    And just so it's clear, I'm not the guy that brought the car-sized helicopter (you used the word 'huge'). That was somebody else. I'd only be looking to fly a heli about 1.2 meter long.

  • AMA events usually just rely on a bit of distance.

  • Have there been any improvements to the spectator safety for the aerial competition this year? I'd like to use my big helicopter. It sat parked last year because of the layout. If not I'll just stick with the little one again.

    The balloon thing sounds interesting... Is that the only new or changed challenge?

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