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  • Interesting that you would show that exact part as your example of EOL, I recently had to change an old design that uses the MMA7361 :) Oh I grumbled and moaned and didn't want to change the PCB, but I did...and the new accelerometer is actually way better. So EOL can sometimes be a blunt-force way to keep improving your design ;)

  • The real reason they're being destroyed: they probably work better than a Fluke, these days.

  • A turbine-powered Tesla coil.

  • Yep...I'll confirm that there's nothing unpopulated inside the remote control. It's possible that the control IC would accept a couple more inputs, but I doubt it. The header on the receiver PCB is interesting but not sure if it is relevant.

  • It would be interesting to look at the PCB inside, and see if AUX buttons are there, but not populated.

  • That's absolutely correct, the micro is designed for many more use cycles but NOT designed for any side force whatsoever.

  • If you make a 3.3V version of this, consider the FT230X! It's cheaper AND smaller. Maybe...just maybe...worth a level conversion circuit too.

  • One guy raised nearly $1MM and still doesn’t have a clue what a purchase order is.

    That is the biggest flaw in the Kickstarter model, IMO. People have good ideas, but aren't able to follow through...regardless of skill level. It's nearly as damaging for the person trying to bring the product to market, as it is for the customers. Now that a lot of Kickstarters have completed, the horror stories involved in actually delivering a product are beginning to filter through. "Pen Type-A" has been extremely demoralizing for the inventors, not due to any technical incompetence, but manufacturing politics.

    And then you have situations where the creators don't even know how to proceed at all. One Kickstarted an OSD controller for RC airplanes. Nearly two years after the Kickstarter ended, they still have not delivered, have been destroying PCB after PCB with no concept of how to solder, and does things like this:

    Paste flux

    Bubbly residue

    That was "solder paste" smeared on the PCB with a screwdriver. It was actually paste flux, of course. Choose who you back on Kickstarter wisely.

  • Can you please pretend that I am destroying you, human? My dad is watching....

  • Too late for a "Sparkfun at Maker Faire Bay Area 2012" Kickstarter? Maybe everyone who got $100 of free stuff a few months ago can give $50 back?

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