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  • Nope, it’s an E-switch eg1218. Says so in their dimensional drawings.


  • The more LED’s the less voltage to each and the dimmer they get. I think I read somewhere 3 or 4 works.

  • So when using this with something like a white LED, the battery goes below the Vf of the LED very quickly. Is there a boost converter or something that will allow me to keep the voltage high enough to fully use the battery on LED’s like that?

    Perhaps we need a boost converter Lilly pad?

  • Thanks for the info. It wasn’t something I had even considered.

  • This is perfect! I got an email today for a e-textiles mask and we’re going to make one for my wife for her Mardi Gra party. But I was thinking that it would be nice to make the lights blink with an ATTINY85…sure enough you’re way ahead of me. Thanks!

  • Anyone know why when I’m running the 7 segment library that’s provided here I can only get it to display the number 8? It has some examples that I’m trying and the demo and serial example both will only display 8 and that’s it. I’m running it on a 4 digit, 7 seg display.

  • Cooking Timer Example link is dead

  • Anybody know what the voltage drop across this might be? About .7v?

  • omg. lol I love it! But no really…how do I build a giant, walking, talking robot that will not hesitate to do my every command? I WANT THAT! LOL

  • You’ll have to alter the programming on the chip is all.

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