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  • Could you please specify the quiescient current at poiwer down? Thank you

  • Hello, I built a datalooger with a Stalker microcontroller (Seeduino) using a multiplexer (Muxshield 1) to read temperature sensor. When powered by usb cable, the reading of sensor and unused port of the mux is very stable. However, when I use a battery pack (7.2V) and the energy harvester above set at 3.6V, the signal becomes unstable... from port to port of the MUX1, there is a succession of high and low bit-voltages, which create significant output uncertainties. When I remove the energy harvester and use a 3.6V battery, the signal still stable. So my conclusion is that the energy harvester is responsible for this "electrical" noise. I need a battery of higher voltage because we want to deploy the datalogger in remote and very cold region (need to keep a voltage of 2.2 V min at -40 degree C.
    Is anyone have an idea on how removing this noise?
    Thank you for your help/advices.
    PS: I also tried the harvester using capacitors between the harvester and the microcontroller, but the problem still there.

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