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  • I would advise not to solder the wires. tin tends to melt under pressure - so when you screw the wires on it creeps out from under the screws, the surfaces of the screw and the wire don't connect too good anymore, you get a resistance there, it starts to heat up...
    As far as I know (I'm no electrician and I know this to be true for switzerland only) it is against code to solder the wires. Better to drill them only, (much!) better even to use cable-end-sleeves - especially if you plan to have high current over the wires. (and planning may prove wrong. I have so many "just for the moment"-fixes I use for several years now ;))

  • As far as I'm concerned this thing is childs play. It looks nice and flashy but the application seems to be - gently put - programmed by a hobbyist.
    Navigation in your data only by mouse (so a lot of scrolling, sliding instead of analyzing) only two markers, no possibility to jump forward/backwards to the next edge, the - sometimes convenient - auto measurement tool can not be turned off - gets real annoying real fast. yada yada yada
    And they have version 1.0.28 as beta for a looong time (a year?) and still say they rather develop for other platforms than fix the windows-issues. ("our main focus is developing for linux right now...")
    It works. And seems accurate. Just as advertised - but Usability has a loooooong way to go. Oh yes and theres that:
    On three different computers (all WinXP Pro) it fails to start or work properly every third time or so. A nuisance but it gets on your nerve when you "just want to make a short test"...
    I spent the 150$ but probably will buy another tool soon.

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