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  • Is there any example code for setting up the board with Python? And if not are there any plans? It seems like the qwiic devices all have python examples so I would love to use python with the main board as well.

  • I haven't tested but I don't see why it wouldn't work. It's not as simple as pushing a few buttons but there's a document that explains what you need to do to convert it over from TTN to Helium.


  • I'm trying to run the code after making all the necessary changes. I'm getting an error on line 79: exit status 1 'D36' was not declared in this scope

    I am new to Arduino programming, but I think I need to change these values to match the board but I can't find that documentation anywhere. So I'm wondering, am I doing something else wrong?

    Figured it out. You have to go to tools --> Board --> Sparfun apollo3 --> and select the LoRa Thing plus explorable

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