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  • It's a shame they put that layout on the cover. I mean is this how poor all the layouts in a book about designing pcbs are going to be? Surely you would pick a nice looking layout for the cover. I really like eagle but the autorouter is not the best (basically unusable for any quality work), and it appears that's how the cover photo was routed.

    Those traces at the top center. It makes me cringe.

  • A 1.5 and a 10 in series get you pretty close...

  • After some fiddling it's perfectly for me. The only problem I was having: when the shield was pushed down the whole way the height of the usb connector on the uno caused it to cock at an angle. This was causing it to lose connection on a couple pins.

    Easy solution was just to not push it down the whole way. However some cutouts on the board would be appreciated. If your having problems with the SD working intermittently try shifting the shield around / bending the pins a little.

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