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  • Product WIG-11125 | about 4 months ago

    Thank you very much for these possible solutions…
    Are these the items that could make it work - Arduino Mini Pro - 555 timer ?
    Are they compatible with the audio-sound breakout ?

    Wether Arduino or 555, I guess I must now find out how and where to assemble these within my project, in order to stop the unwanted loop-mode… (Yes, I am very much of a beginner - but very willing to learn !)
    Any links for how-to’s and explanations ?
    Please let me know if you duplicate the problem.
    Thanks again.

    Any other comment / idea welcome…

  • Product WIG-11125 | about 4 months ago

    Hello to all,
    I made a project using this audio-sound breakout…
    A very simple sound device with a simple interface : one button play/stop with only one audio file !
    The button is connected to “play” and “ground” on the board, and it goes like this :
    * I push once and the audio start.
    * If I push during audio, then it stops and shuts down (ground).
    * If I don’t push, then at the end of audio, it shuts down by itself.

    But there’s a really strange occurrence that I can’t explain and that is messing up all my project.
    When someone stay put with his finger more than 3 seconds on the button (childrens do that), then the breakout puts itself in loop mode (audio plays on and on…) and never shuts down. Even if I push the button again, it stops audio but does not shut down, and pressing once more audio will still be “stuck” in loop-mode.
    The only way to stop this unwanted loop-mode is to unplug and replug the battery.

    It poses a great problem to me because when the breakout doesn’t turn off, then it consumes all the battery power in only a few hours, and I found myself in the situation of changing batteries all the time ! I made four of these devices, and they were accessible in a public space where people were pushing the buttons alot, and there was ALWAYS someone to stay put more than 3 seconds on it.

    I tried a lot of different connections between my button and the board, but none could resolve this “stuck in loop-mode if you push the button for too long” problem of mine…
    Is there anyone else having the same issue ?
    Is there anyone knowing how to fix it - if it is possible ?
    If someone has any clue, it would be very helpful, thanks !

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