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  • "tons of additional processing power"
    Really? Who's maths was that :-p
    If anything, this has less processing power than the older one, since the ATMega1280 is a 16MHz AVR and the ATMega328 is a 20MHz AVR...
    Bigger != faster

  • This was great guys! I really look forward too the Eagle tutorials to see if I can pick up a few tips.
    It would be nice if you posted the stream links up a day or more before the event, and maybe some times for the different timezones around the world.

  • Wouldn't fit in other comment;

    I feel like a blind person with all these huge fonts
    Only 3 main colours are used which Makes it too plain and simple
    Collapsible boxes show that your designer knows how to use CSS, but does nothing for the site
    It's just a little too boxy and template-ish
    Everything just looks like it is floating in air
    White hover-over boxes on a grey background are hard to see and looks like an error
    Lastly I think its taking minimalistic a too the extreme

  • I actually prefer the older style layout. To make this criticism constructive, here is why;
    Anyway, I am sure someone put alot of thought and time into this design, but SFE does not need to be "Web2.0" and "minimalistic".
    IMHO, keep the old layout/design and just clean that one up a little if you must.
    You of all people should know, if it ain't broke, don't fix it. :-)

  • Damn, I have been ripped off, I never got any special Sparkfun printed boxed :(
    Nice project, although the video is nowhere to be seen...

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