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  • hey, I bought this shield and it's been working great. However, I tried to compile the program by madsci1016, and there's an error compiling. I posted the error below, and excuse my ignorance on this subject because I'm only a high school student learning the basics. "/Users/Downloads/ In function malloc': /Users/cs/Developer/Hardware/AVR-USB/AVRMacPack/buildtmp.nobackup/avr-libc-1.6.4/avr/lib/avr5/../../../libc/stdlib/malloc.c:78: multiple definition ofmalloc' core.a(malloc.c.o):/Users//Downloads/ first defined here /Users/Downloads/ In function free': /Users/cs/Developer/Hardware/AVR-USB/AVRMacPack/buildtmp.nobackup/avr-libc-1.6.4/avr/lib/avr5/../../../libc/stdlib/malloc.c:195: multiple definition offree' core.a(malloc.c.o):/Users/Downloads/ first defined here"

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