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  • “(you’d be surprised how many tank heaters I’ve seen malfunction!)” One day my Daughter noticed a strange smell…. looking through the house we found a heater in our Reef tank bubbling…. yup. Insulation broke down and was electrolyzing the salt water…. and electrocuted on of my favorite corals….

  • Hmmm…. reminds me of people talking about ‘Blood Diamonds’ or ‘Free Trade Coffee’… what next, ‘Blood Arduinos?’. The Red Board doesn’t quite fit into this description, I would assume… But my point is, yes, I also see why Spark Fun wouldn’t want to list their supplier, but the ‘Free Trade Coffee’ types use it as a selling point.

  • “… someone says Arduino, do you think of the board or the software first?” Umm…. Which board? ‘Arduino’ has drifted off into so many different things it’s really hard to keep up. Did I hear they decided to get into 3D printers as well? So no, I don’t think of ‘the board’; what comes to mind is some fuzzy concept, kind of a mix between the types of people I associate with Arduino hardware/software (open source artist/hacker types) vs the image of what I think of when someone says ‘Embedded Systems Engineer’ (more ‘Professional’ in the sense that he/she might program at a much higher level with expensive tools and equipment, and quite possibly goes home at night and doesn’t think about his/her day job). I use the Arduino environment at work now a days after I started seeing my scientist coworkers playing with them for personal projects. Now I can build a custom board (not use any purchased Arduino board), burn the bootloader in, write the shell of an example program and let them modify it to their heart’s content. I will be using a P.C. and they use their Macs. They are no longer dependent on me to make minor software modifications.

  • Use an LM317 adjustable voltage regulator to modulate the supply voltage of your oscillator to make an AM transmitter… When you realize the LM317 is just trying to keep it’s output 1.25V above the ‘ref’ terminal, you can use it for all sorts of things it wasn’t originally intended for… - Steve

  • Back in 7th grade I was arguing with a friend what was more elegant; hex or octal. After he pointed out that after memorizing the binary representation of the 8080A instruction set, for the move, add, compare, etc, instructions, some of 3 bit fields (which can easily be represented in octal) always map to the same register. Oh, and using a 7447 TTL chip to represent a hex number on a 7 segment display just looked stupid…. couldn’t argue with that. - Steve

  • Any idea how high of a pressure the Bosch/Sunpro 7577 sender can read? Since replacing the 7 HP motor on my air compressor with a 3 phase motor and VFD, I am a bit worried what might happen if the motor fails to turn off, and would like to add some redundant protection circuits…

  • Edison is new and has had a very lackluster documentation out of the gate.

    Isn’t that typical of Intel?

  • I love the Lego brick for comparison!

  • I was so hoping that he would have to wear those hearing protectors hanging up behind him…. but alas, it appears that the hissing of the air, and squeal of cheap angle grinders were louder than the sirens….

  • Why, oh why (!) didn’t you include the ability to have a small coin cell to back up the RTC???? I’ve been asking for this for years!!! Yes, the entire device can run of a LiIon battery… but all it takes is a header to add an optional coin cell (or even the pads for a header!) to make it so that the RTC is useful!

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