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  • Add the Blackboard C to the Arduino Comparison Guide please. Also, does this accept a LiPo charger...if yes...what is the part number? I guess it needs a USB C connector , not a microUSB connector on LiPo battery?

  • What is the difference between a Blackboard C and the new RedBoard Qwiic? For example, I would like to use two Qwiic sensors and four servo motors controlled by a Raspberry Pi 3B + . Does the Arduino IDE work with either Blackboard or ReBoard Qwiic on the arm Raspberry Pi?

  • Use VNC over Local Network addendum - This Remote Desktop on the RPi with VNC works with a Pi going through a switch to a PC. It does NOT work with a Pi , using an Ethernet (RJ45) cable directly connected to a PC.

    After the last sentence in the Enable VNC Server add the following steps (this was done with the 10-9-2018 build of Raspbian, after completing sudo rpi-update). 1) on the Pi, the VNC icon should display in the upper right hand corner. Double click and open Options. 2) Select Security Tab > Change Authentication to VNC Password 3) Users & Permission tab > change password to Standard User 4) set password

  • I am confused....I looked at several Qwiic sensors , both SparkX and plain red Qwiic sensors and they all have Arduino Libraries... So, I am suppose to install the Arduino IDE (Linux ARM edition) https://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/Software to the RPi 3B+ and run arduino code and not python library code?????

    For high schoolers is it easier to troubleshoot and run a sparkfun blackboard and qwiic sensors with Arduino IDE on a chromebook or Raspberry Pi and Qwiic sensors with a Arduino IDE (ARM installation) ? When will there be python libraries for the Qwiic sensors or do I need teach kids Arduino C and not python to control Qwiic sensors?

  • Under the Hardware Assembly it shows only a Qwiic cable connection between the AS7262 and Arduino Redboard. Then there is code further down the webpage. Does the code work ONLY with the Qwiic cable....or do I need to connect SCL SDA GND and Power as well? Sparkfun has a Qwiic Tutorial https://www.sparkfun.com/qwiic?_ga=2.201241000.723607872.1528841513-1615901391.1499092111 and a I2C SPI tutorial https://learn.sparkfun.com/tutorials/raspberry-pi-spi-and-i2c-tutorial .

  • I have a SEN-14347 Spectral Sensor. I notice there is a Arduino Library to use with the Sparkfun Blackboard. Is there a 14347 library (python or Arduino IDE for ARM? install) to use with the Qwiic HAT and Raspberry Pi 3B+ ? I do not see it on Github...

  • Hello, I have a Sparkfun blackboard. I downloaded the AS726x zipped library.I connected the Qwiic connector to one side of the AS726x (does it matter which end?). There is no I2C wires soldered and connected to blackboard. Only the Qwiic cable is connected. Please provide example code showing how to use the Qwiic cabling....

  • The SEN-14347 and other Qwiic boards have two Qwiic connectors...I guess one can use either an input or output since the Qwiic is a bus?

  • I have a Badgerstick 2016 from DXCreate at SXSW in Austin,tX. I used Codebender.cc to run my hello world on a Window laptop successfully. Then I tried it on a nightly build Arduino IDE, followed BadgerStick tutorial, downloaded Sparfun LED 8x7 array , Charlieplex library. BadgerStick display also works with Codebender Hello World. But I get the following Warnings:

    WARNING: Category'' in library EEPROM is not valid. Setting to ' Uncategorized' WARNING: Catertory'' in library SoftwareSerial is not valid. Setting to 'Uncategorized' Warning; platform.txt from core 'Arduino AVR Boards' contains deprecated recipe.ar.pattern=" ........."{archive_file_path)""(object_file)".Consider upgrading this core.

    But with these warnings, not errors, the code works. Any suggestions....

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