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  • 3.3V LDO Regulator means I can control this 3.3 V logic board with my 5V logic Uno correct?

  • Do you sell just the jst connector? I want to solder it onto a battery pack holder but cannot find the item on SparkFun

  • THanks for the reply. I understand how to do it now with the main board, but still not sure what everyone means when they say solder the jumper? What jumper, and why would I do any soldering?

  • how would I use this? Do I just run conductive thread from the +/- to my lilyPad main board? What do you mean by soldering a jumper closed?

  • Noob question, but what is this product intended for? Can it be used to light up LEDs without a LilyPad main or simple board? OR is it just to give the lilyPad a steady 5V?

  • What does it mean by “180:1 Metric”?

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