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  • Okay, so I have a dilemma. I want to sense three different temperatures, so, I need three of these. I have one now for testing that I ordered and got it working with little or no issue. It does appear to work great and is very accurate. I also want to keep a timer or stopwatch (like a kitchen timer) in my application. Here is the issue, these take 750ms to convert the temperature to the data word that I can read out. A "delay(750);" is an eternity in the microcontroller world, especially if I want to do other time sensitive things, such as keeping a stopwatch that ticks every second. So, any ideas? I am worried about when I do need three of these, I know you can put multiples of them on the bus but is it 750ms each??? What about timing issues, how do I know they have each converted their temperature at the same time when reading multiples on the bus?

    I am considering changing out to a TMP36 or a thermistor. Granted, I would give up some accuracy but I would be able to read them out in microseconds. I have even considered running a parallax propeller because it can run 8 cores.

    I don't know, thoughts?


  • Will this one do I2C???

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