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  • Under $20 on Amazon, why $35 here ????

  • I would go a step further and say that the AVR is a low end micro controller and it is a entry point to the world of embedded systems. While I agree that the AVR series is great the ATmega328 is pretty limited with only 32K prog/2K ram and limited peripherals @ 8/16MHz. This is 2011 there are dozens of ARM Cortex-M3 processors with 3+ UARTs, SPI, I2C, Ethernet, USB, SDIO, external busses etc.. and runs @100MHz for about the same price or a little more and about the same price for a finished board. Why is everyone tring to cram thier latest creation into an old 8bit processor when it could easily be done on a 32bit processor.
    The AVR is fine for simple tasks but for complex systems like this why not use a modern processor?

  • You do realize that a viewer could just print out a picture of the product and wouldn't need to buy one??? just add scotch tape!

  • What are the old and new part numbers? so I can check the datasheets and see what is different and if it applies to my application.
    Thanks in advance.

  • What part was the old part and which part is the new one, the schematic has a generic part number. What is the difference between the old and the new???
    I just bought the old, so I can only assume that the new one is significantly better.

  • Kinda a waste of offering this as a BGA even if it was leaded 2mm is smaller package than most could handle, adding BGA means no one should buy this.

  • I don't really get the bus mode its is 6pins (4 enables, direction and step) vs standard 8pins(4 direction and 4 step). If you only have six pins available, it helps but 6 vs 8 is a minor difference and allows 4axis simultaneous movement which seems like a much bigger plus. I'm surprised that the A4983 are used here as the A4988 are the newer parts with a couple of protection features added.
    The A4983 is capable of 2A but this only true when a heatsink is added, without a heatsink these chips will overheat with anything over 1 A.

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