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  • I noticed you mentioned matches for heat shrink. I actually prefer a Bic lighter over a heat gun for small pieces. I’ve done thousands of connections that way, just use the blue part of the flame so it doesn’t leave burn marks. I can even do big pieces (1" diameter) but you have to be careful of the lighter flint getting too hot and burning your thumb.
    Learned the trick from my first boss in radio engineering, and have passed it on to several people since. Give it a shot!

  • With my KAW I noticed my laptop drew 30-31 watts when on, but only 1 watt when in suspend, so I put it in suspend a lot more often. Switching power supplies are the trick.
    I thought about using X10 devices with a simple uC turning things like my wireless router/cable modem, phone chargers, etc based on a time schedule. But then I wondered how much all of the X10 stuff would draw, I need to dig out some and measure them.

  • Almost as if Ira was reading this thread, Science Friday on NPR yesterday did a long thing on solar. It included a part on putting solar on your home, and various costs and rebates.
    It’s podcasted here:

  • You could save money quicker and at less overall cost if you focus on the conserving. Better insulation, CFLs, shut things off, more efficient appliances, using natural breezes more often(it’s Colorado, I love the outdoor air there), wear a sweatshirt in the winter, etc. Spend a fraction of the solar estimate on energy star appliances, and you’ll end up way ahead, with no maintenance headaches.
    Not that I don’t envy a solar system, but who wants another mortgage in this financial market?

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