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  • My low-power project draws 30 microamps or less, but when I put this in place, it draws 1mA - even when I put it to sleep. Posted details here: http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=581247.0 Any advice?

  • I finally got it working. It turns out all I needed to connect was SDA, SCL, and B+ and B-. Did not need to connect GND, VCC, QST or ALT to get the VoltageSOC example from Arduinolib_MAX17043-Master working.

  • Mine always reads 256% charge / 5 Volts. I'm guessing that I've hooked it up wrong. There are + and - pins; and there are also VCC and GND pins. Do I hook the LiPo to + and -? Then do I run my load from VCC and GND?

    Basically I'm looking for a hookup diagram. I've seen conflicting videos re: hookup. Thanks for any help.

  • I thought this would be a shield that I could just plug into my Arduino Uno. Ooops, not. Is there a tutorial on how to physically connect it? Esp showing how to use the J4 / J5 pins instead of building an RS-232 cable?

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