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  • What particle size does this detect? I’m thinking of using it in a woodworking shop where I’d need to detect particles as small as 1 micron.

  • I would much prefer to have a simple schematic and small Arduino sketch than a video. In fact, I don’t think I would need the explanation for how it works (as those take a lot of time to write and I can usually Google it) but a schematic and some code to me is the difference between being able to use the product or not. I do understand that these videos answer the question “What is this?” rather than “How do I use it?”, but still… if you already made the video then you already have the code and writing a schematic for simple stuff like this only takes 5 minutes.

  • No problem. Great to know about the breakout!

  • Tony, then datasheet only shows the footprint for the 3-pin version and I have the 2-pin. By any chance do you know if the space from the pin to the plastic edge is the same on both versions? That’s the only measurement I need.

  • Mind you that if you want to use I2C with this on a breadboard you won’t be able to since the SCL and SDA pins are perpendicular to the VCC and GND pins. This makes them “share” the same rail on the breadboard. I understand that this makes daisy chaining is easier but I wish they hadn’t designed it like this.

  • How far do you have to space them in Eagle so that they can “lock” and sit flush next to each other on the PCB?

  • 103.8dB SPL measured at what distance?

  • BEWARE: The pins used in the Adafruit library are NOT the same as the ones used in the Hookup Guide. In particular pay attention to the clock and latch pins.

    This is extremely bright (will hurt your eyes!). One thing that helped me while developing was placing a thick paper napkin over the panel like a diffuser. This not only lowers the brightness a lot but also makes it diffuse enough so that you don’t see the pixels.

  • That is very interesting! Thanks!

  • Are the fumes of this as toxic as the ones from leaded solder?

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